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Consulting - grounded

Save money, choose or create the right IT system for your department as good as possible. 

  • With a small, professional tender and an independent, neutral selection process.

Eliminate expensive surprises and lengthy extensions.

  • With a well placed and controlled project.

Ensure the implementation is successful.

  • With the right requirements to support your business without “dream-of” features.

Only buy or implement what you really need.

Our Services

What we do for you

Do you want an IT system that actually supports your business? Expansions and further developments that really take things further? We at MR Future support the tender and selection of SaaS systems. Independent and neutral, committed only to you. We independently review the structure and documents of your project, uncover problems and recommend corrections before a project fails. And we are skilled at translating business processes and requirements into the language of IT, making projects cheaper and more successful overall.

Three steps to the right system 

   1. Software selection
   2. Project barometer
   3. Requirements gathering


Software selection

Make the right choice for your IT system!

Project barometer

Make your project even better!

Requirements gathering

We offer more than classic requirement engineering!

The approach of MR Future

Your satisfaction with our results is our most important goal. We have already successfully introduced countless requirements into projects. And...we don't want to stay. After the work is done, we hand over the documentation, share our knowledge with your selected employees and train them. 
We leave the project in an improved condition. We would be pleased if you appreciate our work and hire us again because you are convinced.

Range of services:
  • Support of tenders (RfP) for SaaS systems (focus on CRM, DAM, ERP)  incl. transparent evaluation of the tender participants

  • Building proof of concepts (PoC) including data, process and expected results

  • Business analysis and requirements engineering with use cases or user stories

  • Review and evaluation of project documents and structure; Project barometer

  • Assessment of the technical suitability of an IT architecture, from EAM to system architecture 

  • Sparring for IT decision-makers (active expression of opinions in joint discussions)

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what else to say

All offerings are also available
in German. Workshops can be held
in English or German and documentation
will be written in the languange most suitable for your company.

We offer the ability to hold German/English telephone and web conferences as well as read and
consume all given documentation in German/English language.

International travel available

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