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Software Selection

The large number of software-as-a-service providers makes it increasingly difficult to make the right choice for an IT system. With clearly defined requirements, a structured evaluation matrix for technical and commercial aspects as well as a hands-on presentation of the providers, you can quickly and specifically select the right software for your needs.


Use cases For tenders, it has proven useful to formulate requirements in the form of use cases from a technical perspective.  We organize workshops and conduct interviews to capture the requirements of the departments. At the end there is a collection of use cases that define the technical requirements and are the most important basis for a tender. In addition, the earlier the requirements are clearly defined, the cheaper the implementation will be, as incorrect selection and incorrect development are prevented. If you postpone this work until later phases of the project, the follow-up costs will increase. Counteract this!

Request for Proposal (RfP) Together with everyone involved, we create an RfP document with a description and self-assessment of the providers. In addition to the technical requirements, technical aspects and the organizational and commercial framework conditions are also taken into account and queried. While the providers respond to the RfP, the requirements are evaluated and weighted, creating a transparent evaluation matrix. Once the answers have been received, a ranking of the offers is quickly created. This can then be used for purchasing negotiations or is further differentiated with a PoC.

Proof of Concept (PoC) The best applicants for implementation will be assessed in a second round for their ability to deliver on promises. Three to five detailed key use cases should be demonstrated live by the providers in order to demonstrate their performance. Everyone involved has the opportunity to clarify questions with representatives of the providers and to refine the final offer. This ultimately results in a clear picture of the providers and their capabilities.

Interested in choosing the right system? Contact us. 

We accompany you in gathering the requirements appropriately, conduct workshops with the departments and create the evaluation criteria according to your standards. A structured questionnaire helps all participants to get a detailed picture and is added to the evaluation criteria. At the end, you will have a transparent and reliable view on the evaluated systems and you can be sure to make a good choice. You always remain in the driver's seat and in control. Tendering, negotiation and purchasing remain in your hands.

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